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The Best iPhone App for Professional Email Signatures.

Signature Pro

Signature Lite (Free)

What is the last thing people see when they read your email?

Sent from my iPhone?

We wondered how many people care about leaving a professional impression?

We wrote Email Signature Pro because we did.

It turns out thousands of people did too.

    Designed for you:
  • multiple signatures for different business and personal situations
  • your photo because it was important for people to know who you are
  • your business logo because you want people to visit your website
  • links to your social network contacts, like Facebook, LinkedIn,
  • links to you blogs, rss feeds and websites
  • custom footer for disclaimers and non-disclosures
  • automatically attach a vcard and any number of attachments to your signature

And they wanted all of the above in a few easy steps and no programming!

That's what we did...

HOT NEW FEATURES in latest 27 January 2012
  • 4 new Hotlinks - Google Maps, Carddit, SoundCloud and Viadeo
  • Double the number of hotlinks in your signature

This is what they said in reviews, emails and blogs

"I LOVE - truly, madly, deeply - Signature from IdeasUnplugged." iPhone App Review

"This would be the first app I'd buy"

"For business people, it is a must have"

"What great customer service"

"Signature fills a very necessary function on the iPhone, and does it well. Highly recommended"

"Wish we had something like this for the MAC desktops"

Thousands of business professionals use Email Signature Pro every day because it completes their email communication with style.

So whether you're a small business owner, corporate executive, sales representative, realtor, manager, teacher, trainer or anyone in business, ask yourself...



  • Create multiple signatures for different business and personal needs
  • Add a picture from your camera roll or photo library
  • Add a picture that you host on your website
  • Two separate text areas with customizable fonts, sizes and styles
  • Add up to 12 hotlink buttons to your website, social networks and blogs
  • Export your signature to your desktop for use with your desktop email clients
  • Add a custom banner and link to the top or the bottom of your signature
  • Export your signatures so you can use the signatures in your desktop / web email clients
  • Optionally backup and restore your signatures from our server
  • Each time you select your signature to insert into your email, it is also copied to the clipboard. Paste the signature directly into your emails from your clipboard without having to launch the signature app.
  • Compose new email from within the Signature app
  • Change the color of the text in each text area
  • HOT NEW FEATURE: Backup and restore feature allows you to move your signatures between your iPhone and iPad
  • HOT NEW FEATURE: Extra footer field for email disclaimers or corporate messages
  • HOT NEW FEATURE: Add a vcard to any signature and it will be inserted automatically with your signature
  • HOT NEW FEATURE: Add one or more file attachments to your email automatically when your signature is inserted

      IMPORTANT NOTE FOR iPad and iPhone users

      [iPad and iPhone 4.0+ users: the Apple Mail app will always open a new email when invoked from any 3rd party app. Users must use the clipboard paste method to add signatures to emails that your reply to or forward]
      Important note for IOS 5.0 users: Click here for IOS 5.0 issues
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The Best iPhone App for
Professional Email Signatures.

Signature Pro

Signature Lite (Free)
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