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Tool for finding your Signature images

We have just released a tool to help our users of Signature and Signature Lite to locate the URL of their image on the Internet.

(Note: URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the technical term for an Internet Web address, e.g.

We have received a number of emails from users saying that the URL they entered in Signature (Pro or Lite) for their image is incorrect. What they actually entered was the URL of the page containing the image and not the URL of image itself. e.g. the URL of the page may be and the URL of the image is actually

There are two ways to find the URL of the image.

Solution 1: Using the browser right-click menu
The first way is to browse to the page containing the image. Right click on the image (On the Mac, to right-click, hold down the Control key and then click on the image). There should be an option that says something like View Image or Open Image in New Window / Tab or Open Image. You should see the image on its own in a new browser page and the URL in the URL address bar at the top is the URL of the image.

In Internet Explorer, you would select properties after the right-click menu pops up to view the URL.

Solution 2: Using our Image Finder tool
Browse to

Enter the URL of the page containing the image and click Submit.

The Image Finder will list all the images on the page with the corresponding URL underneath the image. Locate the image you want and use the URL listed underneath it.

NOTE: Image Finder will not work in some cases. Example, some sites allow you to enter a general page and detect your user settings via a cookie. In this case, Image Finder cannot access your cookie and will not able to retrieve the correct page. In this case, you will have to use Solution 1.