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Signature - Facebook integration

Recently Facebook changed the way anyone accessing public pages on Facebook via their iPhone. Anyone trying to access a public profile page with a claimed name is prompted with a login page. Apparently, they require you to login before accessing these pages. However, while the url they create suggests that they take you to the page you requested after logging in, they do not do so.

Ouch, a double whammy. Firstly they should allow you access the public pages without the login and even if you do log in, they redirect you to your home page instead of the page you wanted! (bug on their side).

More about this at

This is true as long as you trying to access through your iPhone regardless which iPhone app you're using INCLUDING the Safari browser.

Until they resolve this issue (if they resolve this issue). This is how it affects the Signature app.

  • - If you have claimed your username e.g. theideadude you may still enter the Facebook link e.g. However, you will not be able to use the Test Link feature because it will bring up the Facebook login page.
  • - You can test whether the link is entered correctly by sending yourself an email and then click on the hotlink on your PC or Mac (NOT your iPhone).
  • - All your email recipients will be able to access your public profile if they click on your hotlink on a PC or Mac or non-iPhone device.
  • - Email recipients who click your hotlink on their iPhones will get the login page.

We apologize for the unfortunate circumstance. Since this is widespread issue we hope that Facebook will resolve this in the near future. We will update this post as soon as the situation changes.