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How to add your signature to reply or forwarded emails on iPad and iPhone 4.0 (IOS4) - (4.2 update)

Latest update 6-Dec-2010 - we have submitted an update to Apple address this issue, Click here for more details

Important notice for iPhone 4.0 or later and iPad
Unlike previous versions, it is not possible to directly insert a signature into an email that you are replying or forwarding in iPhone 4.0 (IOS4) or iPad. Apple has changed the Mail app so that all inserts will always launch a new email in compose mode. This is not a bug in our software, just some functionality that is not supported in the Mail app anymore.

To insert a signature into an email you are replying or forwarding, paste the signature from your clipboard. Each time you insert the signature through the Signature app, it will also add the signature to your clipboard. Subsequently, you can just paste the signature from the clipboard. (This also works for new emails too). There is no need to start the signature app each time as long as you don't overwrite the clipboard contents or you don't need to switch signatures. (Note: Prior to 4.2, the reply or forward email being edited remained open for you to paste your signature, this is no longer the case in 4.2 - see note below).

Note: we only copy one signature at a time to the clipboard, the Mail app does not know how to choose from multiple signatures if we copied more than one to the clipboard.

iPhone 4.2 update
We noticed that with the latest iPhone 4.2 update, when you tap on reply or forward emails in Email Signature Pro, the Mail app is launched and a new compose screen is shown. If you have an already reply or forwarded email opened for editing, it is closed by the Mail app and a new compose screen is shown. This is a change from previous versions of the iPhone OS where the open reply or forward email remained intact so you could paste your signature in the email. (This is incidently now consistent with how the Mail app works on the iPad.)

Unfortunately all 3rd party apps are affected by this new Mail app behavior and we have no control over what happens when the Mail app is launched by our app.

The behavior of Signature insertion in new emails is unaffected.

What it means is that users who wish to add a signature to a reply or forwarded email must first go to the Email Signature Pro app and get their signature (if it is not already on the clipboard) and then when the Mail app is launched, remove the compose screen to get to their email they want to reply or forward. We wish there was a better and will continue to look for one.

How to paste from the clipboard:
Simply tap a blank area in your email where you want to paste your signature. A bubble with the word 'Paste' should appear. Tap the paste bubble to insert your signature or tap anywhere else to dismiss the Paste bubble.

If you find you had something else on the clipboard and that wasn't what you wanted to paste. Shake your iPhone and a dialog will appear to let you undo your paste.

Reminder you must have inserted a signature via the Signature app before to ensure the signature is copied to the clipboard. Once the signature is on the clipboard, you can use it as many times as you want by pasting from the clipboard without going back to the signature app. (unless of course you have copied something else e.g. from Safari to the clipboard).