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How do I change the formatting on each line?

We've had several requests asking if we could allow users to change the formatting for each line in each text field instead of the whole field. We've resisted doing that in the past because we thought it would complicate the user interface and making it difficult for users to configure their signatures.

If you're a savvy user, there is a way to do this although it definitely isn't a point-and-click solution.

The two text fields in Signature Pro are HTML aware. For example if you wanted to bold the first line, italicize the second and make the third line red, here's how you would put in your Signature.

<b>This is your first line</b>
<i>This is your second line</i>
<font color="red">This is your third line</font>

It will look like this.
This is your first line
This is your second line
This is your third line

Note it will look a little weird in its raw form but if you preview or add to your email, you'll see that it works fine.

There are numerious html references and generally most HTML tags work. We would not suggest adding javascript or style tags since they are generally not supported or detected as spam by email filters.

Drop us a line if you are having problems.