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How do I put in my Facebook username when Signature requires me to put in my numeric userid?

*** Update: this issue has been resolved in latest release ***

The new username feature from Facebook was released after Signature was released in the Apple Appstore. Signature has been modified to also accept Facebook usernames. The updated application is currently under review with Apple and will be available soon.

Signature - the premier business app for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch

Whether its business or pleasure, we all have multiple roles in our lives. It could be several businesses, hobbies, clubs, friends etc. We wrote Signature because we wanted to use it ourselves. I'm sure many other people will too.

Today, we're excited to announce Signature 1.0 is available on the Apple iTunes AppStore for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Whether it's a new email or one that you are forwarding or replying to, add your personal touch with one of 6 fully customizable emails.

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